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An Introduction to International Economy&Technique Cooperation Co.,of Jinan Sijian Construction Group Co., Ltd.

The group company actively exploits overseas market and sets up a subordinate secondary unit  specialized in international business--International Economy and Technique Cooperation Company which is mainly responsible for China’s overseas embassies, China-aid foreign projects and foreign contracted projects.

Over the years, the company has successively carried out the building related businesses involving civil engineering, decoration, steel structure construction, labor service cooperation and foreign trade in such countries and regions as Mongolia, Mauritania, Kuwait, Yemen, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Israel, Argentina, Poland, Singapore, Cape Verde, East Timor, Serbia, Tonga, Sri Lanka and Dubai. So far, the company has constructed the most China’s overseas embassies in Shandong Province.

The company has nearly 80 managerial staff working overseas throughout the year. The businesses extend all over West Africa, East Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia. As for the overseas business development, the company focuses on building construction, along with the international trade and building material processing. Given the development trend of Sino-African cooperation, the group company established a wholly owned subsidiary in Cape Verde in 2004---Jinan Sijian Cape Verde Branch Company and made the building business radiate the African continent based on Cape Verde. Years of overseas engineering construction has made the company full of a batch of leaders and strong forces with rich overseas construction experience. The perfect project management system, exquisite technical support and strong S&T innovation ability have laid a solid foundation for proceeding the overseas projects smoothly.

Given the development opportunities led by the Belt and Road Initiative, the company actively seeks further cooperation with big export-oriented enterprises in industrial and civil buildings, road and bridge, municipal engineering, equipment installation, building materials trade, labor export, building materials processing on the basis of embassy and foreign aid projects and adopts flexible ways to make the best of their respective advantages, expand the business scope, achieve mutual benefit, continuously enhance the competitiveness and thereby achieve good benefits in the Go Out policy.

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ADD: No. 79, Qianhuangtun, Tianqiao District, Jinan, Shandong Province
Post Code: 250031
Person to Contact: Li Yun
Contact Number: 0531—85956200/13031736580

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